Le Renart

Currently under development is a porcelain dishware company in collaboration with Amelie Rousseaux, from French production company Interpunch, and Dutch artist Margot Holtman.

With a fresh and cutting edge approach to tableware boosted by strong marketing and branding, as well as collaborations with designers and restaurants, Le Renart will soon be ready to conquer a whole new market.

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Le Renart

La Dispute

Final graduation project at the Rietveld Academie.

“A blank fairytale, a parallel reality: majestic, yet tender. Open your eyes and step into a myth that has yet to exist. Let go and don’t challenge your mind but let yourself be taken away and driven through the realms of imagination. The space and props as a single entity, a confrontation, or ‘Dispute’ between the notions of color, materiality, shape, light, scale, perception, and approachability. Approach, ponder, and create your own story.”

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